2019 Meeting Schedule  (04/01/2019)

  • January 9th (Wednesday)
  • February 18th (Monday)
  • March 12th (Tuesday)
  • April 11th (Thursday)
  • May 9th (Thursday)
  • June 10th (Monday)
  • August 15th (Thursday)
  • September 12th (Thursday)
  • October 7th (Monday)
  • November 13th (Wednesday)
  • December 12th (Thursday)


2019 Assessments & Prior  (01/08/2019)

We are pleased to announce that there will be no increase in assessments for 2019 and they will remain at $290.00 for the 6th straight year. But, if you have not paid your 2018 or prior obligation IN FULL, your account is delinquent and has been referred to the Community's attorney. Costs/Penalties, Interest & Legal Fees will greatly increase the amount for which you are legally responsible, so you should contact the Association or its attorney at once. Delinquencies have been greatly reduced and only a few (5.6%) remain as of 12/31/2018. So, added emphasis can and will be placed on legal collection action. The Court has awarded Judgments, totaling thousands of dollars, and more suits will be filed. Will you be one of the Defendants? WWCA has one of the lowest assessments in the State & County. Please pay yours within the 30 days provided or pay much more if you do not. Click on "Financials" below to see how your money is spent.

Community Email Distribution List  (04/06/2018)

Please signup for the WWCA email distribution list so you will be first to hear about community related news including: safety alerts, road closures, snow plow updates, county news and information, upcoming social events, etc. 

We do not share your email address with anyone and will not bombard your inbox with emails.  The residents who have already signed up for the distribution list are appreciative of the information we share.  

Community Inspections  (04/06/2018)

The Community Inspection company will be conducting inspections towards the end of April and will note and record properties in violation. Those homeowners with violations will receive a mailing with a photo and description of any violation. Please do a quick check of your properties to make sure you're in compliance.

It is the Board's intent to help us enhance our community by encouraging everyone to care for and maintain their properties which will increase the desirability and value of all our homes.

For the full list of violations, violation fining structure and our architectural rules and regulations please refer to the policies page of our website.


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