The Meadow

  • Sky view of the Meadow
  • Playground
  • Playground bridge
  • Playground slide

The "Meadow" is located between Lodge Pole Court and Star Pine Drive and has playground equipment, recreational open space, and an eighth of a mile concrete path around the perimeter of the area. The path is great to ride a bike on, rollerblade, skateboard, etc. Residents use the path to either take a leisurely stroll or to power walk or jog a measured distance. This area is also perfect for sleigh riding in the winter in a safe contained area away from the threat of vehicle traffic.

The Tot-Lot

  • Slide for tots
  • Swings
  • Fast slides

The "Whispering Woods tot-lot" is located on Whispering Woods Drive at Old Pine Court. This area contains 1 baby swing, 2 regular swings, along with a playground with activity walls, a rock climbing wall and two slides. This area is geared for the younger children in the community. There is a picnic table as well as an open recreational area.

Blossom Tree Drive playground

Pictures coming soon...

The "Blossom Tree Drive playground" is located off Blossom Tree Drive and has some swings and play equipment which includes a climbing wall and bridge.

Elkwood Playground

Pictures coming soon...

The "Elkwood playground" sits in a wooded area off Elkwood Court and is a little more of a challenge to find than the others in the community but also contains play equipment.

Walking Trail

  • Walking trail entrance

There are several walking trails through wooded sections of the community. These areas are great for an afternoon nature walk or if you have a four-legged friend who likes to be off-lead with lots of areas to explore.


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